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Hello. I'm Kim Jordan.

I create a supportive space for climate change aware individuals to express and explore their deeply held concerns for the plant and animal kingdoms, for themselves and their loved ones, and for humanity at large, including our systemically marginalized communities and future generations.

You may be struggling with eco-anxiety. You might be wondering what you can do that will make a difference. You might be fixating in anger at those in denial or struggling with grief. Or you could be giving more of yourself in service than is personally sustainable. 

Whatever brings you to climate conscious coaching, we'll have empowering conversations that honor your felt experience. When we allow ourselves to bring deep feelings into big conversations, we nurture resilience, and meaningful, life-affirming insight emerges organically.

Misty Slopes

Empower your love for the
living Earth community

with Climate Conscious Coaching

Meet Amelia

Why Climate Conscious Coaching?

A few reasons

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Compassionate, curious questions around the topic of climate change can reveal your strengths, interests, and spheres of influence. Connecting to yourself in these ways can allow you to clarify your most personally meaningful contribution toward a particular solution. It's a relief to discover your niche. That’s resonance. It allows you to do what you do best and trust others to do the same.

Personal Reslience

Devoting time to rest, your health & well being, your relationships, and other valued aspects of your life is essential to nurturing personal, and therefore, collective resilience. Climate conscious coaching can help you design, commit to, and enjoy a healthy life balance while effecting positive change and integrating chosen behavioral and lifestyle changes. 

Collective Action

Climate conscious coaching, whether one-on-one or in a group setting, is a collective action. Collective actions tend to strengthen our human resolve by providing a sense of belonging, participation, and purpose. In this context, it also creates space for the envisioning and actioning of a more just, sustainable, creatively-adapted world. What might be possible as we increasingly join forces?

Ecological & Social Resilience

Climate conscious coaching can help us nurture social-ecological resilience. Resilience in this sense is the capacity to reflect on and adjust our ways of being and doing in response to climate change and climate injustice. This type of resilience can look like embodied decision-making, vulnerable conversations, relationship-building, community gardening, community-preparedness, organized skill-sharing, equitable solutions, honoring indigenous wisdom, eco-artivism, slow movements, gift economies, social entrepreneurship, rewilding landscapes, low-impact households, and more.


Open-ended questions are the basis of climate coaching conversations. These questions can evoke deep self-reflection and moments of Presence-filled silence. Presence pauses are transformational. To quote living systems researcher, Nora Bateson, "The highest potential for change sits in places without words." I'd be honored to share some of these moments with you. Claim your free sample session on my services page.

Kim is one of the kindest, most insightful individuals I've ever met. I've witnessed her ability to create a welcoming, safe space for deep conversations and bring light to the darkest of times.

With her commitment to helping people awaken to their inherent gifts and purpose,

and her devotion to helping people discover a positive relationship with our planet,

I am overjoyed about her serving as a climate conscious coach at this crucial time.

— Jae Furman

Outings Chair, Sierra Club New River Valley Group

Interpretive Guide, Virginia State Parks

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